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Sarah Manton - Nottingham Lace Design Scroll (Georgina Wilding Poem)

A second Royal Commission, you say?


That’s right – exciting news! I’ve received my second ‘Royal Commission’!

Young Poet Laureate for Nottingham, Georgina Wilding penned a fabulous love poem to mark HRH Prince Harry’s first official visit to Nottingham with his new fiancée, Meghan Markle on Friday.

Sarah Manton

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Curious about arts and crafts?


I’ve moved to the beautifully refurbished Sneinton Market Avenues and set-up a new collective, Curious?

Card for Her Majesty

A Papercut for Her Majesty


In January of this year, I was excited (and terrified in equal measure!) to be commissioned by the National Federation of Women’s Institutes to design and create the official card from the WI to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her 90th birthday! An honour indeed, but where to start?! I was to produce a handmade papercut card for the Queen on behalf of the Queens of Craft!

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Inspire Garden in Libraries


Professional artists will be growing the Inspire Garden in Nottinghamshire Libraries during the school holidays, encouraging everyone to combine creativity with local knowledge and make a collaborative giant flower artwork for each Library to add to the Inspire Garden Exhibition. I’ll be in full bloom at Kirkby-in-Ashfield Library tomorrow (Thursday, 7th April 2016)…

Lovely Lace banner

Learning With Lovely Lace!


I spent the day at Kirkby in Ashfield Library yesterday, working with a wonderful group of young people, who just so happen to be Nottinghamshire Library Service Apprentices (and they spent the day learning all about the joys of working alongside an Artist in their Library and some Lovely Lace!) We got stuck in straight away; getting to grips with embossing, die-cutting, layering, inking, painting and embellishing to create individual pieces of lettered artwork. The artworks will come together to form a collaborative piece which will become the title artwork for the Lovely Lace touring exhibition!

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