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    Welcome to my website, where I love to share my creative antics in paper cutting, bookbinding and textiles and you are able to view my portfolio of lovely handcrafted stuff.

    I specialise in paper cutting artworks by hand with a scalpel or lasercut, handbound books and soft furnishings.  I also spread my own inimitable style of crafty joy by teaching across the city and in my shared Sneinton Market Avenues studio space, Curious? in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.

    I am also a passionate urban-greener and currently working on The People’s Forest, a project for Nottingham Open Spaces Forum, to reconnect Nottingham city with the Major Oak in the heart of Sherwood Forest through the gift of planting trees and creating habitat. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved!

    ~ Manton x

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