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Spreading the creative joy…


Well, the ‘Pick N Mix’ creative workshops are now in full flow and I’m absolutely loving teaching!  It’s been a whirlwind of glittery papers, frenzied stitching and glorious fabrics and I’m delighted every time that someone I have taught leaves with a beaming smile on their face and their latest creation tucked…


Learn something new for (next to) nothing!


Ah Woolworths… how well I remember happy Saturday mornings from my childhood, pink and white striped paper bag in hand, selecting from the smorgasbord of flying saucers, white mice, pink shrimps, cola cubes and associated sugary goodness, and now you can relive that unbridled joy with the latest offer from The Craft…


The Power of Love…


… is a curious thing – as Huey Lewis, Jennifer Rush and Frankie Goes to Hollywood will all testify and love is very much in the air as February fast approaches! As anyone who knows me will be well aware, I was born on Valentine’s Day and as well as being led…


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In the beginning…


Well, here I go again on my own (as a wise long-haired man once said), taking my first steps into the whacky world of creative business, fulfilling a life-long dream to create beautiful things and inspire others along the way. You join me at the very beginning… My name is Sarah Manton…

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